Nb-Iot Roaming Agreement

Fredrik Stalbrand, senior analyst at Berg Insight, said: “With an increasing number of roaming agreements, the launch of NB-IoT will accelerate as the technology is integrated into broad volume product categories ranging from sensors, trackers to consumer electronics.” Another example is the difference in the ability to control devices to preferred networks compared to consumer control. In IoT, operators must be able to control the cost of outgoing IoT devices and control devices to optimal networks, but the IoT cost model may differ from roaming rates for consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to offer uncontrolled roaming services in critical or remote IoT applications. To make things even more difficult, while roaming agreements are usually negotiated annually between operators, IoT business model companies need multi-year contracts with fixed data pricing plans. Deutsche Telekom signed its first NB-IoT roaming agreements with partners such as Vodafone, Swisscom and Telia Company in April 2020, which will be followed before the end of the year by a full European roaming footprint. Those working in the homelessness sector have probably identified two characteristics of the Internet of Things (IoT) from day one. First, IoT is a global business in which connected devices are manufactured in one country, connectivity is provided by a service provider in another country, and devices are tracked and used in several other countries. Second, IoT roaming is totally different from consumer roaming. In the consumer segment, transportation is seasonal, relatively predictable, and the focus is on usage incentives, with retail plans and attractive campaigns targeting silent roaming providers. Wheras` IoT roaming is unpredictable because it depends on IoT`s sales in the company market, and it has different requirements in areas such as scalability, security, coverage, quality and latency. “We are working hard to accelerate the introduction of NB-IoT roaming in Europe and beyond. It`s great to see the interoperability of our networks and our first partners. International roaming simplifies the use of IoT devices in several countries and is also essential for mobile applications, where assets such as vehicles, trailers and containers need to be tracked across international borders.

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